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ng had no time to think, just thought, can t let Jiang Li married the woman. I have already decided, Zhuo Dong, we are over. After that, Jiang Li turned and returned to the car. Cool standing on SCDJWS the side, saw Jiang Li back to the car, and once again walked to the front of Lu Qingying, raised his hand, put the white hand palm up, and spread it in front of Lu Qingying. You give me the mobile number, when the assistant costs you to get it Cool and open. Lu Qingqi looked at the white tender hand in front of him. He looked at the line and didn t open his mouth. Instead, he did an action that let her back. Cool and move SCDJWS it exam SUN Certification the footsteps and step back. Lu Qingqi opened the door, got out of the car, stoo.d in front of the cool, his big man of one meter and eight meters, and instantly put the cool one six five height against the petite. Cool looking up, looking at this man who is taller than himself, quietly picking up his toes, try to make himself look less so weak, even if the height is not as good as this man, the momentum can not lose. Lu

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-220 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services SUN SCDJWS
310-230 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services (SCDJWS) SUN SCDJWS
310-231 Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5 SUN SCDJWS