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undreds of years and it is the best time for the drug. Quickly take out the clothes, then go to the stone bed to meditate. When the beast saw Guan Yu meditating, he ran to the outside of the cave and guarded. When Guan Yu s work was completed, he felt that the body was infuriating and actually increased several times. He couldn t help but admire I didn t expect this medicinal medicine to be SCJA it exam able to top me for decades. This Nanhua real person is really the first of the legendary Three Kingdoms Guan Yu put away three rolls of bamboo slips, and took the two gourds Yiqi SUN Certification Dan. After thinking about it, I took the gourd that was pregnant with Yuan Yuan Dan, and then I took it out of the house. The beast guarded outside, see Guan Yu came out and quickly followed, re.fused to leave him half a step. Guan Yu knows that this guy will follow up with himself. Guan Yu patted his head and smiled. In this case, before you get the red SCJA rabbit, you will be wronged and give me a mount. Look at you like this, it is like the legendary green, I will call you green later After Guan Yu took the green scorpion and returned to the plain city, he worked hard to study the Nanhua Dao Law. When he was in his spare time, he studied two volumes of the Dan Sutra. On this day, when he saw Zhang Fei being booze, he said, Three brothers, how

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