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wants to hug him, kiss him, and it is good to be intimate with him. If this person, the body, the heart, is cold in the future, wil.l not beat again, then she will regret it, at this time only to threaten him. I love you, A Yan. She whispered softly and didn t want to leave any regrets. I don t know how long the hug has been, the doctor knocked on the door. Mr. Xiao, the operation time is up, it has SCJD it exam been arranged. Xiao Yan and Qiao Mo looked at each other, and Jomer retired from his arms, got up and sent him to the operating room. Xiao Yan was lying on the operating bed and was pushed into the operating room. Jomer suddenly stopped and held his hand tightly. Xiao Mo Jomer couldn t help himself, and the tears in his eyes fell. I want to see you again SUN Certification The intimate nurse came to comfort Mr. Xiao, the operation will be successful. Don t worry too much. The power of Jomer s hand has never been released. SCJD Xiao Yan, lying on the hospital bed, only smiled, said quietly Xiao Mo, hey , let go. Jorome was obedient , let go and let him go. Wait for me. Xiao Yan dropped these two words and was pushed into the operating room, the door, slowly c.losing, blocking her and him. Jomer stunned and there was a nurse next to help her. Mrs. Xiao, you just finished production, go to rest. Jommer nodded unexpectedly, and went b

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
310-252A Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Downloadable Project (Step 1 of 2) SUN SCJD
310-252R Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Downloadable Project for Resubmission SUN SCJD