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was sore, Meng Qi slightly frowned, and she changed her posture, so that the waist is not so strong, so I feel better The host finally said it was over, and the audience was still quiet in the end Meng Qi breathed a sigh of relief and finally ended When the field was gone, Meng Qi waited until the last one left. She couldn t stand up, and walked down the stage with the help of SNIA - SCSE the assistant. What happened Ye Runan pushed the assistant and took her to the sofa next to her, anxiously asked. Meng Qi tried to squeeze out a smile, but the frowning brow still made her look uncomfortable. Nothing, just accidentally SNIA Certification fell and broke the waist Go to the hospital Ye Runan once again held her Get ready to the hospital. The assistant rushed to explain, Ye Shao, we went to the hospital yesterday. It is a muscle strain, and there is no problem Is it It might be better to check it again He was somewhat dissatisfied, and the little assistant lowered his head and did not speak. Well, don t blame her, she said it is true Meng Qi explained again, The doctor did say this, and then, my waist is SNIA - SCSE it exam old, nothing Ye Runan hesitated for a while, will her Put down, gentle, Go home for a whil

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S10-210 Storage Networking Management and Administration SNIA SNIA - SCSE