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t I don t know what to do for a glimpse After listening to it, he just smiled, but did not take this. Zhang Huai said with a word If I can offer Sun Ce s head, how The fine work said The general can really become this big event. I will return to my SNIA Certified Systems Engineer family s lord and send the elite to help. Zhang.Hao nodded after listening After that, he conspired with that and kept a close eye on Sun Ce s whereabouts. On this day, Sun Ce was bored in his heart and went hunting in the Kuaiji Mountain. After SNIA Certification Zhang Wei discovered the news, he quickly contacted the masterpiece. Then go all the way to Sun Ce. Sun Ce shot a lot in the forest and saw that the sky was getting late and he was going back. Waiting for a high post, suddenly the arrows in the forest, Sun Ce wearing a dozen arrows fell. Zhang Hao saw great joy and quickly rushed over the forest with a spear. At this moment, Sun Ce was not dead. He stood up and pulled the sword to cut. But he is already the end of the strong, how much power Sun Ce was stabbed to death by Zhang Hao, and then took the sword of Sun SNIA Certified Systems Engineer it exam Ce s hand and cut off his first class. Zhang Hao was very pleasantly surprised at the moment, and he was bent on giving Sun Ce s first class to Lu Bu. But did not notice that the ambush who had just been with him, quietly left here. When Zhang We.i took the first stage of Sun Ce to Yuji and asked Lu Bu for his merits, Lu Bu was said to be confused. After Zhang We

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S10-101 Snia Storage Network Foundations Exam SNIA SNIA Certified Systems Engineer
S10-200 Snia Storage Network Management/Administration SNIA SNIA Certified Systems Engineer