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Zhao Yun stood alone, there was no one who dared to rush. Until the three thousand iron rides went in, Zhao Yuncai entered the city alone. After Zhao Yun.entered the city, he went to Suizhong with Song Xian to check Pound s injury. I saw that his face was pale and his lips were blue. People were in a coma and did not retreat. Look at the arrow on the shoulder, the black paint is obviously poisoned. Later, Song Xian also found the old department of Guanhai, let him tell Zhao Yun in detail about the cause of death of Guanhai. At this time, there was a bottom in Song Xian s VCP5-DT it exam heart. This Zhao Zilong is no less than Lu Bu s peerless stalwart. It is definitely not an opponent VCP5-DT to have him outside the city. General Zhao, General Guan Hai s death is really awkward. If they don t have to use the humble two to calculate, how can General Cheng Hai be killed Zhao Yunyi said, hateful VMware Certification said Han Qiong s old man is shameless Holding a gunman s name, but using this despicable two to hurt people. I will have to pick him with a shot, so that I can take revenge for my brother Soon after, the hig

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