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and he knows that as long as he follows the story, the demon king will have no way to take him. The appearance of Wang Chao is completely beyond the scope of the original film plot. If the two fight, they will be divided into life and death. Moreover, Wang Chao s skill has made Zhou Xingzu feel the deadly crisis. Be aware that whether VCP5-IaaS you are hypnotizing the entire ship or opening a space time tunnel independently, these are things that Zhou Xingzu can t do. He estimated that even if he used glasses, he would double his skill, and I am afraid that he could not reach the level of Wang Chao. Perhaps in the eyes of Wang Chao, Zhou Xingzu is just a piece, VMware Certification VCP5-IaaS it exam let him find the stepping stone of the road ahead. How can Zhou Xingzu be a stepping stone He will do his best to use any powe.r. Moreover, the battle between life and death, this is the means to go out, just to kill the enemy in front of you. It is the most stupid decision to let other abilities not be used. I saw that his coat lining was covered with a row of grenade, and one hand took two of them. He bit the grenade ring with his teeth and went to Wang Chao. It s time to give back the style of the paintings. Therefore, Zhou Xingzu grabbed Wang Chao s power before he quickly took out a pistol from his waist. He did not aim at it. He blinked six shots and directly emptied a magazine. Among the six rounds of bullets, three of them were directed at Wang Chao s head , heart and cross , respectively, and locked the t

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