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These words went to the river, did Yuan Shang listen to the letter VMware Certification He thought that he looked at Jia Yu, and the other side seemed to have a feeling to come over here. It seems that I understand the mind.of Guan Yu, and Jia Xiao smiled and nodded. Liu Bei saw that everyone was doing well VCP6-Cloud it exam in this performance, so he followed the fun, he said with a glance In the beginning, Yuan Shaoli s three sons Yuan Shangwei, I still have some concerns. Now it seems that although there are VCP6-Cloud some talents in this son, his strategy The lack of courage, compared with his father Yuan Shao, is really too far. If he has the courage to attack Cao Jun, he has already tried out the truth of Cao Cao. And then it will be like this, staying in Zhangzhou waiting for Cao Cao to cut a little bit of meat. Guan Yu sees the big brother and comes to the show again. My heart is really speechless. Big brother, you said this commentary, the master of the book, this fine work dare to go back and talk to Yuan Shang Forget it, in order to prevent you from deducting, I will first look at that. The work was done. When the mind came here, Guan

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