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the day, I also asked Is there a strong country to send a proton to a weak country Yuan Shang did not bother to talk with him, and quickly added extras to go to Pingyi to inquire about the news. Chapter 206 will be followed by Liu, but he will say that Cao Cao heard that the messenger who passed to Pingyi was missing. He immediately became suspicious, so he sent someone VMware Certification to examine the roots of the messenger. The next day, there was a secret investigation, and the man was a confidant. When Cao Cao thought a little, he thought that Liu Bei might be an accomplice. His heart.angered and burned. The big thief is abhorrent I lost my son because of this incident. The village husband who sold the woven mate was profiting from it, and took the name of the loyalty and filial piety. You big ear thief, do you forget the original clothes In the bloody, you and I are all in the same place The anger in the heart, actually taught Cao Cao s mind a slight pain, like VMWare End User Computing it exam a sign of recurrence of the head wind, which made him VMWare End User Computing unconsciously blinked. But in this case, Cao Cao s thinking is a lot more agile than usual. This allowed Cao Cao to come up with a trick that would teach the world to see through the true colors of Liu Bei and ruin his reputa

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